Wolverines Appoint New Head Coach

The Lancashire Wolverines are pleased to announce their new Head Coach, former player – Alex Dunn.

Lex has a long history with the Wolverines, beginning his football career with their Junior team at the age of 15. He received National team calls up to both the GB Lions junior team, and also captained Team England junior team.

Lex graduated through to the Senior team, and was an integral part of the teams that progressed from ‘affiliate team’ through to becoming a ‘Premiership Club’.

After a few years away to focus on raising a family – we would like to welcome Lex back to his ‘Sunday Family’.

Lex as a Wolverine player

I am delighted that the club has appointed Alex Dunn as our new HC. Lex brings a fresh vision to the club and the plans Lex has for us will only move us forward. I have been around the club for a while now and I am very excited for the club’s future with Lex at the helm.

Chairman – John Halliwell

Meet your Head Coach

Football in Three Words:
Ball | Battle | Brotherhood

Favourite NFL Team:
Atlanta Falcons

Favourite Sporting Moment:
Attending Superbowl XL in Detroit

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received:
The best things in life, aren’t things

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Lawrence Taylor

Offence or Defence?

Run or Pass?

Blitz or Coverage?

Football Career

  • Joined Lancashire Wolverines Colts (15-19s) in 2000 and played at that level until he graduated to the Lancashire Wolverines Senior team
  • At Junior level represented GB Junior Lions numerous times
  • Honour of being named Defensive Captain of Team England 2004/5
  • As a player helped lead Lancashire Wolverines from affiliate team to Premiership team before retiring due to an accumulation of injuries and to begin a family
  • During his playing career Lex was a respected player/coach and was named Defensive Coordinator for Chorley Buccaneers First Junior Kitted Team

Real Life Career

  • A successful career as a young musician in a band featuring on MTV and also touring extensively with The Wombats, Supergrass, and Friendly Fires (Yes, Lex was a drummer in a ‘rock band’)
  • Spent time working as a personal trainer, lending his experience to the Wolverines
  • He and his wife Caroline expanded their family and have a young son
  • Now works as Media Producer for the University College of Football Business, based at the Etihad and Wembley stadiums