Dave Parker Announced as HC for 2022

Following the application process for a new Head Coach, the Wolverines Committee is delighted to announce that Dave Parker will take on the role from 2022.

I am proud to be appointed head coach of the only club I’ve been involved with in my football career. This is my home, and now it is time to work to restore the Wolverines to their home in the top flight.
Dave Parker - HC 2022

Dave is a lifelong Lancashire Wolverine who took on the role of Club Treasurer in 2020 and stepped in at short notice as OC for the 2021 season.

We would like to congratulate Dave on his new role and look forward to supporting him and his coaches.

As Chairman I couldn’t be happier that Dave stepped forward to offer his services as our new HC. He is a true Wolverine and I’m very excited for a championship run in 2022.
Jamie Worrall - Club Chairman